With the intention of offering, within a healthy diet, an experience of flavors and sensations, our dry division emerged that covers the coffee, infusions and cocoa families.

To develop this line we have established commercial agreements with two leading manufacturers in the coffee and cocoa sector.

Companies that identify with our values and that, in addition to offering top quality products under the most exhaustive standards of control and international approvals, are also very aware of the role we play in our world and our responsibility with the economic, social and environmental environment. , in which we operate as a company. Taking an active role, promoting fair trade, ensuring sustainability in production and organic nature.


We bet on natural coffees; High quality Arabicas and Robustas. Working in all formats: grain, ground, capsules and farm coffees.

We select our coffees based on origins, processes, sieves...

Once selected, a quality control is carried out upon arrival of the green coffee. Finally, we move on to the roasting process, where the latest technology is used to obtain the desired cup profiles.


Like coffee, we select the best cocoa beans from different parts of the world and supervise each of the production stages with a high level of demand, to achieve a final result that lives up to the quality of all our products.

Playing with origins, formats and textures, we offer a selection of tablets, creams, etc. That do not leave anyone indifferent.

In short, we offer avant-garde chocolates made from 100% natural raw materials to surprise our customers with a healthy, natural and unique product.


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