Alcia Foods in collaboration with the INTHEOS Foundation joins the fight against cancer.

The INTHEOS Foundation - Investigational Therapeutics in Oncological Sciences - is a private non-profit institution, formed by a prestigious medical team focused on helping research reach cancer patients as soon as possible. An institution, whose motto is "The Beginning Of The End Of Cancer", aims to provide hope to cancer patients through personalized therapies according to the molecular characteristics of the tumor.

As part of the company's social responsibility philosophy, Alcia Foods actively collaborates with the INTHEOS Foundation in order to contribute to such a valuable mission. This is a very ambitious and necessary project for hundreds of children and adults suffering from cancer, for which Alcia Foods bets and supports in solidarity.

From Alcia Foods we want to help to spread and make this project visible in order to get more collaborators to join this social cause. All help is necessary in the fight against cancer.



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